I studied Photography, and Fine Art at Colchester Sixth Form College in the UK. I was trained in traditional wet black and white film photography.
After completing my studies there I spent a year living and working in Uganda, Africa on a gap year. During this year I built up contacts and work experience with a variety of different organisations and charities. Whilst working in Uganda I gained acceptance for a BA (hons) Photography course at the University of Portsmouth back in the UK.
I spent the next three years studying hard and having fun at Portsmouth Uni. I did a variety of projects and learned a wide range of techniques, I also spent a period of time working as a night club photographer. During my course I did a few different exhibitions, and made books out of some of my projects. At the end of my three years I did an exhibition in Brick Lane, London and gained a 2:1 BA (hons) Photography degree.
After finishing my studies I returned to Uganda and started working as a freelance photographer. I am currently in the process of opening my own business focusing mainly on Photography.
All images copyright of Thomas White
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